Women or Men who are more into bisexual relationship and why?!

Most people are aware of the fact that women are a much more sensitive gender than men. They are much more in touch with their emotions, and they express them more easily than men express theirs. So, it probably would not come as a big surprise to learn that women are more likely to be involved in a bisexual relationship than men. This is for a number of reasons, a lot of which is due to the aforementioned willingness to express emotion and being more in touch with their emotions, but also due to the fact that women are more likely to take advantage of an opportunity to be with another woman then a man would be to be with another man, according to researchers from the University of Notre Dame.

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While men are more likely to quickly admit that they are either totally heterosexual or they are totally homosexual than a woman, women are approximately three times more likely than men to be willing to explore a sexual relationship with another woman, which is because women find it much easier to be more fluid with their sexual orientation than men do. Additionally, because of the more fluid nature of womens' sexual attraction/orientation, they are much more likely to report being bisexual than are men.


There are reasons for both of these that put the question of bisexual men and bisexual women into context as far as why women are more likely to engage in bisexual relationships and identify as bisexual. One is because, as mentioned earlier, men are much more likely to state that they are either completely homosexual or completely heterosexual. Unlike women, society puts a great deal of pressure on men to choose a side and not to stray from that. Men who identify as homosexual, generally, have no physical interest in women, and men who identify as heterosexual are not attracted to men, and, due to societal pressure that exists for men to be men, most of the men who might be willing to have a same-sex encounter or be willing to engage in a same-sex relationship, probably would not be willing to admit it.

The same societal influence on men does not exist for women. Due to the fact that it is completely accepted that women are much more sensitive to other females than men are to other males, it is not at all unexpected when a woman admits that she has been involved with another woman at least once in her life and that she does have somewhat of an attraction to other females in general.

It does not seem that women are more likely than men to readily identify as bisexual; however, it does appear that women are more likely to engage in a bisexual relationship than a man. That is especially true if both of the women are younger, share common connections (i.e. roommates, coworkers, etc.) where they have a chance to form an emotional bond. Additionally, a woman is more likely to engage in a same-sex relationship if she has had relationship issues with men and she expresses a feeling of frustration with those heterosexual relationships.

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